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Michael O'Doherty: Has dodgy driver Jimmy changed ways?


James Mansfield Jnr

James Mansfield Jnr

James Mansfield Jnr

Jimmy Mansfield Jnr was in court last week asking for the re-instatement of his driving licence, over three years after he was banned for driving without insurance.

The eldest son of the Mansfield hotel dynasty, Jimmy had been caught driving a 4x4 without insurance in November 2010, and at the hearing last week, his solicitor argued that:"He realises his stupidity for driving without insurance and apologises to the court."

All of which seems reasonable enough, until you factor in other parts of Jimmy's driving history. At the time of his arrest in November 2010, he was already serving a two-year driving ban, imposed because he had not once, but twice, been caught drink-driving a year previously.

In October 2009, he was pulled over when the Porsche he was driving was seen to be swerving erratically, while the previous month he was stopped when drunk behind the wheel of his daddy's Rolls Royce.

How drunk? Well, who better to describe this than Jimmy himself, who admitted to gardai that he was "drunk as a f**king fool".

Three different cars, three driving offences, two of them when he was clearly a danger to other road users.

So what fellow drivers want to know is this: has Jimmy really changed his ways?