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Michael O'Doherty: Dr Quirkey heir Andy seems to think binge drinking is a subject for mirth. Wrong.

It's being compared to the Rubberbandits sensation, and isn't it such a laugh? Andy Quirke has reached number one in the Irish charts with Everyone's Drinkin', which finds our hero adopting the twin personae of 'skanger' Damo and 'posh cretin' Ivor in a expensively produced, booze-sodden, bikini model-infested video homage to binge-drinking.

And how can "party boy and socialite" Andy afford these production values? Well, he's the son of Richard 'Dr Quirkey' Quirke, slot-king millionaire and man behind the proposed massive casino in Two Mile Borris, Co Tipperary.


Young Andy has a bit of previous in this YouTube art form. Three years ago, he produced his infamous Skanger Me Banger video, while last year, he 'blacked up' for a mock episode of MTV's Cribs, showing a camera around his palatial home -- probably his father's.

Other than that, I'm not quite sure what Andy does for a living, although he does seem to have a taste for very expensive cars, just like this brother Wes.


Andy's oeuvre arrives with impeccable timing, topping the charts on the day that a report revealed extraordinary statistic that the average Irish man spends €2,400 a year on alcohol, even in the depths of recession, and placing Ireland second in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per head, according to the World Health Organisation.

An industry expert says that this is a product of our "work hard, play hard" ethos. Which is all very well, if you could show me anyone in said video who could be described as ever having 'worked hard'.

For in the pampered world of Dr Quirkey's Good Times Emporium, where the cash continues to flow despite the recession, Daddy will pick up the tab for your night outs, flash cars and expensive videos, and getting hammered each night is a subject for mirth.

Of course, young Andy may well point to the end of his video, which finds both Damo and Ivor suffering after their drinking binge, as being a subliminal lesson to the kids to 'lay off'. But even if this were the case -- and let's be honest, it isn't -- do you think the average fan will pick up on this nuance, and heed the subtle, socially-responsible message?

"They will in me mickey," as Damo might articulate.


The creator of Ross O'Carroll Kelly is fond of recounting how the people he bases his caricatures on, far from being offended by the lampooning of their idiotic, shallow lives, actually consider the ROCK image to be a compliment.

Likewise, the followers of Andy Quirke will no doubt celebrate his subtly honed morality tale by going out and getting shit-faced this weekend, on their daddy's money.

Harmless fun? Of course it is. Just like binge drinking itself...

BOD's sacrifice an example to us all

Much of the Irish focus on tomorrow's royal wedding concerns Amy Huberman's impending appearance and particularly what will she wear on a day which could provide a priceless showcase to one Irish designer.


But in the understandable interest in Amy, some people may have overlooked Brian O'Driscoll's part in the story, and why it is that Amy is forced to go to Westminister alone, while Brian has a quiet night in back home.

Let's be honest -- who amongst us would turn down an invite to such a memorable occasion as this Royal Wedding?

And for Brian to do so simply because he feels that, as captain of the Leinster rugby team who play the following day, he should be setting an example by being 100pc focused on the match, is an extraordinary lesson in leadership and honour.

How we could do with Irish politics and banking having some characters like him.

Rival sees the sunny side of Ryanair row

The Advertising Standards Authority censured Ryanair over an ad, featuring a woman in a bikini with the headline "Book to the sun now" beside a large "From €10" sign.

In reality, none of the €10 destinations were offering any form of sunshine, a fact which every newspaper reported in a straight, matter of fact way. All except one, that is...

Because on page 10 of the Irish Daily Mail, their story described the findings as "incredible" and "crackpot", and went out of its way to rubbish the ASA's findings.

Of course, its stance had nothing to do with the fact that, three pages earlier in that same newspaper, Ryanair had taken out a quarter page advertisement. Absolutely nothing whatsoever...

What TV needs is a 'McFatona' reunion

IT can't be just me. Surely the news that Kerry Katona is now single, coupled with the fact that Brian McFadden is mooching his way around Dublin, leads inexorably to one, inevitable conclusion?

And on the same week that saw former adversaries Twink and David Agnew chatting amicably in public... horrific as the thought may be, a 'McFatona' reunion would admittedly be TV gold. And let's be honest, they could both do with a hit right now...

So, it takes a TV show for Mary to make a difference

THE former Minister for Tourism, Sport and Culture, Mary Hanafin, is to be a judge on TG4's reality TV show An G Team, which finds villages competing to incorporate the Irish language into their everyday lives, with the winners bagging themselves €40,000.

There has been huge interest in this project from communities, apparently, which raises the obvious question.

If a measly €40k can encourage this new-found passion for embracing the Irish language, how come Mary failed to do it with the countless millions she had at her disposal in the Department of Culture?