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Meyers needs to bag a job to be taken seriously

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is back in the news this week, having landed a major Hollywood role which, even at this early stage, makes him a leading contender for next year's Oscars.

OK, I'm joking.

JRM, the pillow-lipped thespian more noted for his alcohol-fuelled rages in airports than his actual cinematic oeuvre, has been photographed stepping out with a Russian model, and as usual all the commentary was on his fashion sense.

Jonathan has patented the "tight white scoop-necked T-shirt with black blazer, jeans and chunky boots" look, and the brooding artiste was sporting it again this week.

All eyes, however, were on the small handbag he was carrying, with some observers commenting that it must belong to his companion, Marinika Smirnova, and others suggesting that it was a rather daring take on the fashionable man-bag.

The latter, of course, tends to be large and chunky, holding as it must the paraphernalia required for a busy actor on the move, such as scripts and laptops.

Such is the state of JRM's career of late, however, that he tends to be unencumbered by such bulky items and could well fit all his job offers inside a small clutch.

Young, attractive and Irish, Jonathan seems to have no discernible A-list work at the moment, but he is a constant source of interest for newspapers courtesy of his fashion sense and love life.

All of which makes me think he and Laura Whitmore should really get together.