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Melanie Morris: Would you instagram your wedding?


I kind of hate myself right now, because for all my disapproving of blasting private events across social media, I haven't been able to stop checking Instagram for pictures of Elton John and David Furnish's wedding.

Last Sunday's event was never going to be a low-key affair. In advance, Elton created a special Instragram account through which he live-posted pictures of the wedding with the hashtag #sharethelove.

Late on Saturday night, whilst Elton and David's sons slept, we saw their little shoes beside the fire as it was announced that Elijah and Zachary would be ring-bearers.

Then, first thing Sunday morning, the posts started. "Nice day for a wedding", accompanied a shot of Elton's frosty, wintry garden. Then we had the get-readies, the service and celebrations.

I drooled over posts of the menu, took in every detail of the table settings, from the slender silver forks, to the Baccarat crystal, flowers and calligraphy name places.

It's the sort of stuff we used to huddle around celebrity magazines to view, but now even a delay of a few days seems too long to wait. Elton and David probably lost the opportunity to make millions, they got their story out pronto.

Then all the guests got in on the act and started to post. Ed Sheeran, David Walliams, Victoria Beckham, Jimmy Carr...even Elton and David's three-year-old grabbed an iPhone and started snapping.

As I type this, there are 124,946 Instagram posts with the hashtag #sharethelove.


So, am I just old-fashioned in my opinion that weddings are personal celebrations, to be shared with the bride, groom, their families and close friends?

I know I like to see photos of other people's big days but I would have considered it a breech of confidence if pictures from my wedding had appeared online as it happened.

I can remember hearing someone once refer to guests who insisted on wielding smartphones throughout the wedding and reception as the 'invited paparazzi'.

In retrospect though, I have to say I thought the Elton and David thing worked. The wedding looked joyful, informal, inclusive.

Everyone looked like they were actually having fun. There were pictures of Victoria Beckham smiling - I rest my case.

The Elton John pics are especially important right now as we face into a year where the concept of marriage will be debated, voted upon and decided.

When you see Britain's 'stately homo' and his long-standing (many will say long-suffering) consort tie the knot in such a sincere and inclusive way, does it not open the debate a little wider?