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Melanie Morris: New Year's Eve? I'll do Resolution Day instead


Tired of New Year's Eve?

Tired of New Year's Eve?

Tired of New Year's Eve?

Hands up those who hate New Year's Eve? I'm there in the front row, waving my arm aloft like a know-all kid in a classroom.

I love Christmas. But I can't stand the pressure and false jollity of New Year's Eve, not to mention the requirement to step back into a party dress and heels.

On one hand, there's so much pressure to have The Best Night Ever on December 31.

If you don't have a plan you're relegated to the 'social outcast' ranks, or worse, a night of watching crap films and Z-list celebs.

Because this one night, we're conditioned to believe, is what the past year will be remembered for, and the year ahead will be judged by.

I hate the high expectations. I hate the countdown to midnight, Auld Lang Syne, the hassle and price of the taxi home. In honesty, any time I've tried to 'be somewhere' for midnight, I've ended up on the streets, looking for friends/directions/an ATM.

I've given every type of New Year's Eve a try; from gala balls in Galway to the rammed Edinburgh streets at Hogmanay and none strike a chord.

All have a common denominator - strangers with strained smiles and silly hats, linking arms trying to have The Best Night Ever. In reality, there isn't enough alcohol on the planet to make this party fly.

It's all a bit deflating. And until I came to my senses and baled out of New Year's Eve, I would always wake on January 1 with a sore head and a sense of foreboding.


It was the starkest reality check as the back-to-work feeling grew, highlighted by an empty bank account and a heap of redundant sequins, retired for another year.

Hello, then, Resolution Day. No, I don't mean the concept of sitting at the kitchen table, empty notebooks in hand and the prospect of a grim spring.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't make resolutions, they're way too depressing, but I do like a challenge. And so, hello Resolution Day.

This is part of the Dublin New Year Festival and takes place around the city centre. It's a chance to blow off the cobwebs and let some optimism in.

Down at the CHQ, there are events for the fit and the well-intentioned. At noon there's a 2.5k fun run around the city-centre. Some of the city's well-known gyms will host open days for the fit-curious, with free classes to try.

And on the evening of New Year's Day there's an enlightening, Ted Talks-style spoken word/comedy/music session in Christchurch Cathedral, with a host of inspiring names.

While I bow out of New Year's Eve (I hope I'll be asleep by 11pm, snuggled up with my husband and hound), I'm far more excited about January 1, knowing I can make 2015 count from the start.

That, and thanks to the way the dates lie, I can hide under the duvet for another weekend until it's (slightly more) safe to come out on January 5.