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Melanie Morris: I hate myself for it, but I love Posh's new frocks

Hands up, I admit it, I'm a stubborn ass. I hate being told what to think, I hate anyone trying to foist an opinion on me. And so, for years, I've despised 'Brand Beckham'. Surely, a contrived, media-managed, control-freak couple couldn't have any substance, and even if they did, I sure didn't buy into it.

Those 'sexy' Armani underwear posters; the 'raunchy' fragrance ads (where they had to photo-shop a bottom on to Victoria's skeletal frame) the 'hotter-than-hot' W mag cover shoot... trying way too hard, people.

In fact (and shame on me) I cheered loudly when the Rebecca Loos incident was splashed all over the tabloids.

I've been aware of Victoria's limited talents since the early days. It always seemed all she can officially do is pout and change hairdos. Back in the Spice Girl days, she never got a solo hit; not even when the girls reformed in 2007 and went on tour.

No, while sweet Emma Bunton managed to have a baby, then hit the stage, high kick and scale the high notes night after night, all Posh could manage for her 'individual turn' was a strut around the stage, catwalk-style in some flouncy black number, with that trade-mark sulky face and sticky-out bones.

Then something awful happened... Victoria started designing clothes. Of course, I hated them. No, I hadn't seen them, but I just hated them. I revelled in the rumours that a world-famous fashion designer had done all the work for her and wrote off the label as a flash in the fashion pan.

Three seasons later, I saw Victoria Beckham's dresses in the flesh. Only for a second, mind, because the entire Irish stock had pre-sold out (in the middle of a recession) to the country's leading social X-rays and I was just looking at samples. I quietly thought, 'Hmm, they're pretty nice... for skinny girl clothing'.

Season four, the current autumn/winter collection, is now on the rails in Brown Thomas and I have a confession... I love it. Sure, there's a lot of very form-fitting pieces there, more suited to gazelles than human beings, but there's also pieces that we mere mortals could wear.

What's more, I've tried some of them on, and they are stunning. These dresses are made with couture touches, incorporating lightly boned corsets and clever, form-enhancing seams into the design.

They are surprisingly comfortable to wear and are built for ultimate effect. Most of them will make you wiggle like Jessica Rabbit, but what's wrong with that?

Victoria Beckham is slowly becoming my guilty pleasure. A pair of her stunning sunnies are top of my current fashion wish-list, assuming I can get my hands on them before her divine handbags -- which I also can't live without -- hit the shelves.

The same show received rave reviews as industry big wigs, bloggers and buyers agree that Victoria has confidently come of age. She's proved those of us, led by yours truly, wrong. Go to www.style.com and see for yourself. Her dresses have evolved in terms of shape, colour and design.

Which goes to prove that we fashion types are fickle as anything. And while I still resent being force-fed those 'happy family' paparazzi pics, when it comes to hot frocks, I have to say Victoria, you've got it sewn up.