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Melanie Morris: Don't fret, Jim-Jim, this could all turn out for the best

DO you think Jim-Jim Nugent has woken up this morning feeling like a bit of a spare part?

It's been 48 hours since he was severed from Colm Hayes, his professional other half, and left floundering.

Possibly the biggest upheaval that can happen to half a celebrity shock jock duo is to have the other one deployed to another part of a broadcasting schedule... solo.

I'm not exactly sure what happened, although on seeing Jim-Jim's resignation clip on YouTube, I don't believe it's because they made him play the Glee soundtrack all the time.

So, is there a life -- or a living to be earned -- after celeb duos split up?

Some certainly survive (Grainne Seoige), some aren't so lucky (Joe O'Who?). And while Mary Kennedy is carving a great career for herself on Nationwide, poor Marty seems to relegated to Tesco commercials. Then, don't mention Sheana Keane in the light of Blathnaid's All Ireland Talent Show successes. But while we hate to see celebrity splits, there's nothing worse than a duo performing long past their sell-by date. I see Cannon and Ball have a season coming up in Skegness shortly... I rest my case.


Equally, I can't help but wince a little whenever I see Richard and Judy these days. He's a plonker, and she looks like she'd much rather be propped up with pillows, a box of Dairy Milk and a stiff gin by her side.

Luckily for Jim-Jim, he has a few options. He recently fulfilled a lifelong ambition and performed stand-up at the Carlsberg Comedy Festival (does anyone know if he was any good?), and it seems he's already on the way back to FM104's Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Jim-Jim should take solace from telly pros like Phillip Schofield, who lost his celebrity partner Fern Britton on This Morning with barely the bat of an eyelid, and won honey Holly Willoughby in the process.

Or radio colleague Ray D'Arcy, who battled on after Zig And Zag and ultimately won the long-ball game.

Today may be a gloomy enough Thursday for Mr Nugent, and it might smart a little that his pal Colm Hayes has moved on without any sign of a backward glance, but maybe they got each other's best years. And at least it means he'll never be humiliated with another series of Colm And Jim-Jim's Home Run.