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Melanie Morris: 'Chanel Superwoman' puts Keira in elite band of women we want to be

They're a rare breed ... the women whom other women want to be, and men want to be with. I'm talking about those heavenly creatures like Kelly Brook, Kylie, Nicole Scherzinger and our own Vogue Williams.

These girls have it all -- style, charm, great shoes, and, well, for the gentlemen, that undefined XXX Factor.

They're the girls you'd give a spare organ to either hang out of, or hang out with.

Now, thanks to the new ad for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle perfume, the elite club has a new member -- Keira Knightley.


If you haven't already caught the mini-movie on TV or YouTube (quick, go have a look), let me tell you, she's all grown-up.

In the ad -- her second for Chanel's youthful fragrance -- Keira plays a gusty, emancipated, thoroughly modern madam; very much the sort of woman Coco Chanel herself might have been, had she lived in 2011.

She's clad in a fawn suede catsuit and buzzes around Paris on a cream motorbike, leaving drooling men hypnotised in her wake. Even Keira herself describes her character as 'Chanel Superwoman'.

At 'work' she encounters an impossibly hot man, who instantly falls under her fragranced spell. I won't spoil the rest, but let me just say there's also a rather magnificent pair of Chanel boots involved, to complete the overall lust-a-thon.

The new commercial is directed by Joe Wright, who also directed Keira in Atonement (green dress, anyone?) -- he really knows how to make an ingenue of his leading lady. And now Ms Knightley is all grown-up, she positively smoulders on screen.

I saw Keira in the flesh a few years ago, backstage at Glastonbury. Unlike Kate Moss the same year, who was all hot pants, warm pints and Pete Doherty, Keira was well incognito in a massive black beanie, dark glasses and skinny jeans. I didn't recognise her when I passed her by, but then the penny dropped. And hers is the look that stays in my mind as the epitome of cool festival fashion.

So what are the elusive characteristics that turn a mortal woman into one of these rare goddesses? Well, if I knew that, I wouldn't be buying Lotto tickets every Saturday, but here's what I reckon.

Firstly, and very importantly to get the ladies on side, these girls have to have amazing style.

Then, something for the boys ... and I believe that's a well-toned body. There doesn't seem to be a uniform size -- think Nigella's curves versus Vogue's Bambi-legs -- but the common denominator seems to be glowing, gorgeous skin.

Now, add personality, because that's the bit that makes the dimple appear, puts the twinkle in an eye or, in Kelly Brook's case, causes plenty of heaving cleavage.

Then comes the magic fairy dust, which, along with a little good luck, completes the mix. Combine all of the above and watch a star go supernova. He'll think 'I want her', while she thinks 'I want to be her'.

The internet is already buzzing with approving blogs, tweets and comments in praise of Ms Knightley's performance. I'd say even the very hard to please Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel is smiling down from the skies.

Melanie Morris is editor of IMAGE Magazine