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Matthew has it easy, he just plays himself


Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey.

Matthew McConaughey.

I WAS disappointed with Aaron Sorkin's comments in a leaked email from Sony, in which he compared male and female award-winning roles and declared there's a higher "degree of difficulty" for the men. Was Cate Blanchett's performance in Blue Jasmine not as challenging as Matthew McConaughey's in Dallas Buyers Club? All McConaughey had to do was lose weight. Then play himself, the way he does in every other film he stars in.

* So more talk this week of new political parties/alliances/groupings/whatever you're having yourself. But the talks often seem so secret that Lucinda and the rest don't even seem to know if they're happening at all. Maybe there's room for a Monster Raving Loony Party here. Remember that crowd in the UK? Screaming Lord Sutch established it in 1983 with bizarre policies to effectively satirise British politics. With plenty to satirise here, seems to me that it would be a perfect fit.

* If what we google is a reflection of Irish society, I guess we have more of an interest in what makes your ears bleed (Garth Brooks, the most searched for musician here) as opposed to your eyes (Ebola, number 6 most searched for news story). Does make you think though - what it would be like to have your internet search history read aloud to everyone you know. I'm off to google 'how to delete search history'.