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Masterchef's served up the treats for duo

NNick Munier has revealed that he discovered Masterchef was being axed only when he read about it in the newspapers, which some have suggested points towards poor treatment of the show's stars. The lack of a sponsor for a new series, so vital to a show that costs a small fortune to make, has been the fatal blow, but its presenters Nick and Dylan McGrath will hopefully not make too big a deal about the manner of its closing.
 Both Dylan and Nick got huge publicity out of Masterchef, on the back of which they seem to be doing better than ever in their personal businesses. While on the other hand, I couldn't name you a single contestant from any of the shows, not even the winners.
 I don't think either has too much cause for complaint then...

TThe cast and crew behind a new reality TV show called Infectious have taken an unusual route to fame, as they're filming the show first, then pitching it to TV stations in the hope of it being picked up. The show features the talents of three former members of Tallafornia, a "Gay Night Host" called David D-Pole, and a glamour model, with advance publicity shots showing them posing in various states of undress, and making idiots of themselves in tacky night clubs. At first sight, the name seems very appropriate, as the show seems about as desirable as that other infectious thing in the news. The ebola virus.