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Mairia's story will inspire other victims

THE resilience and tenacity shown by a quietly spoken woman has sent unprecedented shockwaves through Irish politics this week. Mairia Cahill's courageous search for justice has laid bare the disturbing way the IRA dispensed justice within their own communities.

The use of so-called 'kangaroo courts' to interrogate traumatised victims is an approach that has no place in a democratic nation. Mairia insists it happened and the general public will no doubt believe her.

Reliving her abuse has taken its toll on Mairia, as her interview in today's Herald illustrates. But by doing so, she will inspire other victims of abuse.

Her story has also exposed Sinn Fein's alleged role in covering up her abuse. The party's president Gerry Adams is being asked to do one simple thing: Tell the truth.

If the party was involved in a cover-up and had knowledge of abusers being moved away from the North, it is the responsibility of Mr Adams to come clean.

The ball is in your court, Mr Adams.