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Madge shoot has missed the point entirely





II GET it that Madonna is trying to make a point about society and how ageist it is with her new topless photoshoot. But surely if the point is accepting that older women look a certain way and we need to stop glorifying youth, you don't need to enlist an army of stylists, photographers etc in a bid to look younger? And because Madonna is such an innovator, wouldn't it actually be more ground-breaking to do something other than taking her clothes off? How about posing with no soft lighting and no brightening? Now that would actually be trailblazing.

RI'M Really looking forward to curling up with Emma Hannigan's latest book, The Heart Of Winter. Emma is the queen of Irish women's fiction and this book is a tale of a family who appears to have it all but underneath the surface they have lots of problems and heartache. It looks like it's an ideal Christmas read and will go perfectly with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine beside the fire.

VVictoria's Secret held their fashion show in London this week with the models known as 'angels' (uuuggggghhh) stomping down the runway, allegedly selling lingerie to 'real' women. But I'm still trying to figure out why such a sexist medium is used in the first place, to sell something meant for and bought by women.