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'Machine gun fire went clean through the tower'


James Connolly

James Connolly

James Connolly

Volunteers who occupied the Dublin Bread Company later gave these accounts to the Bureau of Military History and newspapers.

The main purpose of the [DBC] post is to protect our wireless station. Its secondary purpose is to observe Lwr Abbey Street and Lwr O'Connell Street. Commandeer in the DBC whatever food and utensils you require
- James Connolly

[We] went up into the tower of the DBC. We could see the Helga down the river. We also saw an enemy group on the top of Trinity College. They must have observed us. Machine gun fire was opened on the tower of the DBC (which I think was mostly constructed of copper), and the bullets went clean through it, luckily without striking either of us
- Liam Tannam, IRB

I saw the fire gradually work up to Hoyte's corner, and through the shops in Sackville Street down to the DBC restaurant. That being a very high building, I knew that it would stop the fire for a time...I had a faint hope that the DBC might survive. It made a brave stand for hours....Little by little the smoke and flames gathered strength...the roof showed up alight and the lantern on top was wrapped in flames, and the whole made a weird sight...Once that fire was fully under way, nothing could have saved the block
- Capt Purcell, Dublin Fire Brigade