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Luas must be patrolled in drug war

TV drama Love/Hate has brought crime into the country's sitting rooms of late. But off the screen, and on the streets, drug dealing and violence remain a daily occurrence.

Anecdotally, children as young as eight are being used by gangs.

The full extent of such problems in Dublin is laid bare in a new report by the Strategic Response Group.

O'Connell Street, Temple Bar and Grafton Street are the crime hotspots in the city centre, with property crimes and public order offences pervasive, and fuelled, it would appear, by drugs.

Four out of 10 people in these areas say they feel unsafe in the day, and six out of 10 at night.

Worryingly, the Luas Red Line has emerged as a major driver of crime in the city -- it is used by almost half of all drug users to access the city centre.

More garda resources must be directed to policing the Luas and tackling the problem at its source.