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Low-profile is not for Amanda


Amanda Byram.

Amanda Byram.

Amanda Byram.

* There's a contradiction about Amanda Byram who, though beautiful, talented and mature, continues to come across as a slightly desperate wannabe.

In her latest interview, she won't reveal the name of her new man as she wants to keep things "low-profile", after years of being in the spotlight. But then, in revealing how she is still associated with her ex, Patrick Kielty, she said: "I bumped into Davina at an event the other night and she mentioned 'oh you went out with Paddy for the longest time'."

The notable part of this quote, of course, is the way in which Byram name-drops Davina McCall, which does nothing to the story except reveal the celebrity circles Amanda moves in.

So good luck with the new relationship Amanda. I have a sneaking suspicion that, if she gets her way, it won't be low-profile for too long.

* Workers throughout Ireland will no doubt be seething with envy when they read the news that Google splashed out €300k on its Christmas office party.

But before you get too jealous of their skating rink, Ferris wheels and endless free food and drink, remember - today, you'll have gone back to your job, which probably gives you a degree of personal fulfilment.

Google staff, on the other hand, will return to their offices, to flog ads on the internet for 40 hours a week. Still jealous?