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Looks like a cert for the Eurovision

IIt's a full six months before the Eurovision Song Contest, but already the media is gripped.

In the past few days, newspapers have been publicising a newly-formed girlband comprising the not inconsiderable aesthetic appeals of former You're a Star winner Leanne Moore, model Michele McGrath and singer Kim Hayden.

We haven't a clue whether their song is any good, but we're sure they have the most appropriate name possible.

After all, their presence gives papers a great excuse to use a photo of three good-looking women and allow readers to have a good look.

Which is presumably why they're called Lir.

IFollowing my recent complaint that when branching out into business Ireland's rugby stars seem unusually preoccupied with encouraging people to drink, I'm delighted to report that someone has broken the mould.

Tommy Bowe is about to launch his new clothing range, entitled XV Kings. But far from trying to escape from the confines of the oval ball, Bowe seems to have embraced the fact that there is a world outside of rugby.

"You'll look sharp," Tommy assures us, while saying that the collection is based on what the average man would wear to a rugby match.

Now, if that isn't a contradiction in terms, I don't know what is.