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Lies, lies and more damn lies from AK

THE presidential fight is turning dirty. And I can't say I'm surprised, with Martin 'AK47' McGuinness in the race.

The Northern Ireland resident Martin McGuinness knew that he'd get a rough ride when he contested an election in the Republic.

AK - a good buddy of Col Gadadffi - claims he will take the average industrial wage if elected. That's a bit rich.

It's easy to promise when you come from well-funded friends. Well funded by Northern Bank sterling. And not all of it legally acquired.

Our Government believes AK and Gerry Adams knew of the £26.5m 2005 Northern Bank robbery in advance.

McGuinness' IRA pals carried out this massive raid, so if Martin ever needed say, a short interest-free loan, he has a decent chance of getting it.

With friends like that, your paycheck isn't really an issue.

I know AK hates many Irish citizens. He racistly brands many of them 'West Brits'.

But surely he doesn't believe that we're all stupid enough to fall for this "average industrial wage" PR soundbite.

It's only a small thing, and it pales in comparison to the ghosts of innocent people murdered and tortured by AK's IRA comrades.

But it's just another lie from a man for whom lying is second nature - as pointed out by Vincent Browne last night.