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Letters: Still searching...

I was born on March 22, 1951, at the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. I am told my mother was 25. On March 29, 1951, my mother brought me to an agency, set up by the Catholic Church at the Pro Cathedral, and I was placed with a Dublin couple. My adoptive mother died when I was seven years old; my father when I was 11. There were five boys in the family; some were teenagers when I first arrived. Upon the death of my father, I took on the responsibility of caring for them.

Just before I married in the 1970s, my eldest brother told me I was adopted. This was a great shock at the time, but I put it aside and got on with my new life.

Some time after my first child was born, I decided to begin searching for my natural mother. I know that she lived for a period of two years (1949-1951) in Oldcastle, Co Meath. When she became pregnant, she went to a private nursing home at 119 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, owned by a Ms Helen Hennessy. This home was located at 43 Upper Leeson Street up to the late 1940s, when it moved to 119. At some stage it was also known as St Philomena's.

It closed in 1959. I would be grateful for any information whatsoever about my mother or this nursing home.