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Letters: Nanny state errors

When the authorities introduced laws to force off-licences to close at 10pm, I thought the nanny state had reached its summit and law-abiding citizens would be left in peace. How wrong I was. Now we have the 30km/h speed limit in Dublin city.

I am all for reducing road deaths, but here is another thing our law-makers have got completely wrong. Again they have targeted the law-abiding citizen instead of the real culprits.

Every car is capable of 120km/h, be it a small two-door or a top-of-the-range sports car. I suggest that if you own a car and modify it, by changing its exhaust to make it go faster, or change its engine in any way to improve 'performance', then your insurance should be made null and void, thus disallowing you from the road.

Maybe if the authorities had studied driving in some of Dublin's housing estates they would have changed their priorities from revenue creation to actual road safety.

P Butler by e mail