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Letters: Listen up, lenihan

Well, try telling that to the dozen or so people I know who are now unemployed.


time's right for arthur

I had a great pint of Guinness in the Flowing Tide pub, and the staff and customers were in fine spirits. I hope it continues to be a yearly fixture.


B Lawlor Dublin 10

heartfelt thanks

Due to some confusion, we missed the boat and were left stranded in Dublin.

We decided to stay over the weekend and our taxi driver Bryan recommended the Westbury Hotel, and he waited there in case we couldn't find accommodation.

Fortunately, there was a room for us and Bryan then recommended things for us to see and a very good Thai restaurant to have an evening meal.

After three wonderful days, Bryan took us to the airport and we flew to Boston on Aer Lingus. Our air hostess absolutely spoilt us during the flight, and, in fact, we both agree it was the best flight we have ever had.

Thank you to the brilliant, informative Bryan, the sympathetic receptionist and concierge at the Westbury, the staff at the Thai restaurant, the divine air hostess on flight EI137 on July 20, and all the wonderful people of Dublin.

You all made our unexpected call memorable, and we vow to come back.

Jude and Roger Harwood NEW ZEALAND

ban animal circuses

A poll commissioned by ADI (Animal Defenders International) did just that, and unsurprisingly 80pc of people said they'd like to see all wild-animal circus acts banned.

Physical abuse is also common, particularly when it comes to getting animals to perform tricks and manoeuvres.

ADI's investigation found that animals were being punched, whipped and deprived of food. The end result of enduring this lifestyle means that each animal becomes a shadow of its former self.

Times have changed and animal circuses have no place in today's society.