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Letters: Giles tribute

I just want to compliment John Giles on his wonderful tribute to Pep Guardiola and Paul Scholes in the Herald (Wednesday June 6). If only there were more like those two gentlemen in the professional game of football.

Both men are worthy recipients of the lavish praise from a distinguished man of football like John Giles. Coming from a man of such stature in the game, it is really great praise indeed.

I wish them both well in whatever direction their careers take them. Thanks also to John Giles for a well-written and enjoyable (as always) article.

V Reilly Dublin 15

Bus Campaign

On Friday June 3, members of the Save the 19 Bus Campaign delivered to Dublin Bus Headquarters in O'Connell Street the signatures of almost 7,000 people who oppose the cutting of this service by Dublin Bus.

The previous day, concerned residents got on the 19 Bus at Bulfin Road terminus to mount a peaceful protest at Phibsboro Dublin Bus depot.

These two actions highlight the extent of public disapproval at the proposal by Dublin Bus to axe one of their oldest bus services. If it goes ahead, people in communities across the city such as Inchicore, Kilmainham, Phibsboro, Drumcondra, Glasnevin and Finglas will lose a service that is integral to local communities.

Prof Mark Lawler Kilmainham

Out of touch

I am writing because I need to express my disgust at the introduction of water charges. Where does the Government think that people are going to be able to find the extra money for these bills?

It must be the case that those in power have been earning salaries of €100,000 to €200,000 per annum for so long that they cannot grasp the fact that for many people trying to scrape €5 together before the next pay day could be a problem.

The Government is living in a fantasy world, secure in an ivory tower, but the way things are going that won't last for too much longer. More and more people are losing their jobs and many people are emigrating or very seriously considering it. We will find ourselves dealing with an ever-shrinking economy as there will be fewer people to purchase goods and services and so jobs will be lost in those industries and so the economy will continue to shrink.


Water shame

With impending water charges on the way I'm going to invest in a powdered wig not to mention wipes and deodorants because by the sound of it nobody will have any money to spare for the most basic of human functions -- washing.

We are now heading for Third-World status. Sink plugs will be back in fashion.

G Bell Dundrum