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Let's not go Gaga with this new grey hair craze

All week people have been going mental over Lady Gaga's meat dress at last Sunday's MTV awards.

There's been ranting and raving, but in all the chatter, no one looked higher than her neckline. If they did, they'd have seen her sport an even more controversial fashion statement -- grey hair. And it looks awful.

Right now, it's all the rage to sport grey tresses. Not silver ones, or platinum ones. Not snowy white or ash blonde. Grey. The younger you are, the greyer you go. Pixie Geldof is doing it, as is Kelly Osbourne.

Here, twentysomething fashion designer Joanne Hynes -- always ahead of the curve -- has gone grey, in her case with faded pink streaks added for effect. Even Kate Moss tried it, but that might have been a colour malfunction, because she hit the bottle and was back to blonde pretty sharpish.

The trend has been bubbling under for a while, but since Italian Vogue put a re-launched, badger-hued Kirsten McMenamy on its cover, the style-sensitive have been craving grey.

But when will they realise that in order to look good as a greyhead, you need a constant entourage of stylists to stop you resembling the undead.

Sure, the models on Chanel and Giles Deacon's runways looked amazing, but I guarantee you, the first Irish girl to go grey for her debs is seriously going to regret it. It's a fashion statement too far. Yes, it's guaranteed to turn heads... but in the wrong direction.

I mean, who ever got the horn over the Golden Girls?

Let's face it, grey is not a flattering colour for women.

Unless she's dabbling in a whole palette of icy blondes, then there's nothing to be gained from a hue that insinuates wiry, matte, faded locks.

Sure, grey looks great on dapper gents like Cary Grant and George Swooney-Clooney or Matt Le Blanc.

My own father is quite a dashing sliver fox, and Louis Walsh really suits grey, but try the same thing on a woman and she immediately ages, looks exhausted and needing a feed of raw steak to get the colour back in her cheeks.

There's also the suggestion that, away from the 'lights, hair, make-up' enhancements of a photo shoot, gals in grey generally look unkempt.

And those who opt for a touch of grey -- dramatic streaks in the front of an otherwise dark head just end up channelling Cruella de Ville -- and how old did we all think she looked when we were kids?

Grey is one of those trends like leather hotpants and mesh bodysuits -- best left to the very beautiful and the very young to try, and then get over as quickly as possible.

Melanie Morris is editor of IMAGE magazine. And is not grey