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Let's go back to our roots and unearth our love for spuds

kWe need to love our potatoes again. Over the past few years they've been replaced by pasta, rice and couscous. Many of us have been made to feel that it's a bad, bad carb, just waiting to make us fat and flabby. In the past seven years, sales have dropped by 20pc. Come on one and all, fall in love with your potato. They're more than a carb, they're a national treasure.

k 'The Big Gay Sing' will take place in Dublin on June 15. Essentially, it's going to be a night of music and fun in the Bord Gais Theatre. Look it up and get your tickets early as they'll sell out. All funds raised at the event will go to Marriage Equality.

kYou gotta love the celebs who got involved in the St Patrick's Day celebrations. Fergie, from the Black Eyed Peas, had her six-month-old son Axl dressed head to toe in green. Doesn't matter that he looked like a ridiculous leprechaun, it's all about loving the Irish!