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Learn from Garth gigs fiasco? Hell, no

A poll in a Sunday newspaper put the blame for the Garth Brooks concert fiasco at the feet of Aiken Promotions and City Manager Owen Keegan, suggesting quite clearly a mistrust for the process by which tickets go on sale for concerts long before a licence is issued for them.

While the whole subject of licensing is an involved one which will require legislative changes to improve a patently flawed system, the promoters' part in this mess is easier to fix.

The reason why tickets go on sale months before shows take place is very straightforward - it is so that the promoters can get your money into their bank account as soon as possible, and earn interest on it.

So have they, post-Garth, shown any signs of changing their ways?

Well, consider the following - tickets for Brendan O'Carroll's new Mrs Brown show are now on sale, despite the fact that the five-night run in the O2 isn't until the middle of December 2016, over 16 months away.


And in the intervening time, the promoters MCD can presumably make a lot of money in interest on those bookings.

While there is, admittedly, no issue about licensing for these gigs, the absurd manner in which promoters are still trying to cash in as early as possible does at least seem to answer one question.

Will the Garth Brooks fiasco change the way promoters operate in Ireland?

The hell it will...