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Law of the land must be upheld

We may not all agree with water charges but workers should never be put in a position where they can be harrassed, intimidated and manhandled by protesters.

The issue of paying for water use has irked most and mass demonstrations drew huge support.

The vast majority of those who took to the streets did so in a peaceful manner - but there are some who continue to push the boundaries.

The jailing of five water meter protesters was necessary as the individuals consistently breached restraining orders.

GMC Sierra - the company tasked with installing the meters - went to the courts to protect its employees after it said they were harassed and threatened in certain areas.

These men and women are just doing a job and do not deserve to be intimidated in this way.

Those who threaten these ordinary workers are nothing more than cowards.

Although we all have the right to protest, it is important not to injure others while doing so.