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Lack of surf on TV3's new seaside turf

Hundreds of hopefuls queued up last week in an open casting call for TV3's eagerly-awaited home-produced soap, Red Rock, which will take on the might of Fair City next year.

The axing of the national broadcaster's Masterchef programme has allowed TV3 to use the old John Player cigarette factory, where Masterchef was filmed, as the primary studio for Red Rock.

TV3 have revealed that extra footage will be shot on Dun Laoghaire pier, but this would presumably be a minor element of the show, given the expense and hassle in cordoning off such a popular spot with the public for any substantial period of time.


So the majority of the series will be filmed in a disused cigarette factory on the South Circular Road in the middle of Dublin's south city.

Despite the well-publicised proliferation of seagulls in the area, this seems like an unusual location for a "north Dublin coastal town".

Would it be overly cynical to suggest to TV3 that, in seeking to create the credibility factor that is at the heart of all successful soaps, there is one tiny thing amiss in their choice of location?

Something one would have considered to be a minimum requirement for a soap opera set in a fictional seaside town?

The seaside.