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Kylie's a survivor, which is why we like to think we've got so much in common

I like to think I have a lot in common with Kylie Minogue.

The two of us were born in 1968, are mystifyingly unmarried and childless, and it goes without saying that we can both rock a pair of gold hotpants (Only one of us would dare do it in public though!).

Even though she's now a middle-aged woman, Kylie remains frozen in our minds as a little Antipodean poppet – almost as frozen, in fact, as her line-free forehead.

She's the pint-sized princess of effervescent dance-pop, with 70 million albums sold to date.

It's been announced that she's playing Dublin in November. And while we'd pelt Britney Spears off the O2 stage with rotten fruit if she insisted on getting her bum out at 45, Kylie remains perfect and timeless.

My generation still thinks fondly of The Voice judge as the curly-haired Charlene in Australian soap Neighbours, whose trainee mechanic overalls captured the heart of Jason Donovan's Scott.

With 20 million people in the UK and possibly every single person in Ireland tuning in to the wedding, God knows how many little Scotts and Charlenes ensued as a result of teenagers frantically making out to their wedding song. Suddenly, by Angry Anderson? I still get a frisson when I hear that one.

Beloved soap actors rarely make a successful transition to the world of pop (exhibit A: Tiffany, aka Martine McCutcheon) yet Kylie's first single, The Loco-Motion, was the highest-selling single of the decade in Australia.

Once she hooked up with song producers, Stock, Aitken and Waterman, the girl-next-door churned out plenty of bubblegum hits such as I Should Be So Lucky – and we danced gaily around our handbags to them.

After that, it got a bit murky, and we didn't know what to make of her dark duet with Nick Cave, Where The Wild Roses Go.

It may have been artistically credible, but we kinda forgot about Kylie for a few years after that, until she and her gold hotpants became indelibly etched onto our psyche in the brilliant dance video for Spinning Around.

But while we love her cheesy music and tinny little voice, it was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of her Showgirl tour in 2005 that we really took Kylie to our hearts.

Thankfully, she announced in 2006 that she was in remission, and we hoped she'd marry that nice Olivier Martinez fella and have her much-longed-for babies at long last.

We were disappointed when they broke up, though. Remember we didn't like it when she dated INXS singer Michael Hutchence, who committed suicide in 1997, and who had previously announced that his favourite hobby was "corrupting Kylie".

Then her five-year relationship with the 35-year-old Spanish model Andres Velencoso came to end last October. And with this break-up, her hope of having children seemed to vanish.


"I think maybe part of this frame of mind I'm in, trying to be calm and accepting and at peace with where I am, is really acknowledging that it just might not be written on the pages for me," she said.

She's a survivor, our Kylie, and her charm is that she keeps on flashing that toothy smile as dreams of being a mother seemingly elude her and illness ravages her body.

I can guarantee that the audience rocking out to The Loco-Motion in the 02 in November will be mainly made up of perimenopausal women and harassed middle-aged mammies.

After all, we may not have married our 1980s prince, Jason Donovan, but as long as Kylie keeps on reinventing herself, we will keep on worshipping at her altar.

But maybe not slide across it in gold hot pants, though.