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Keith's predictions are not even close

Six weeks ago, "mentalist" Keith Barry made a series of predictions on Facebook, while also reminding us how, in 2005, he had correctly predicted a gas explosion in the UK when a guest on Tubridy Tonight, lest anyone doubt his billing as a modern-day Nostradamus.

I promised at the time to revisit said predictions, and see just how well his ability to predict the future is holding up. So here goes ...

Two of the eight, concerning a soccer match and Graham McDowell's performance in a golf tournament, immediately turned out to be inaccurate. But what of the other six, you ask?


Well, Prince Harry hasn't got a girl pregnant, NASA hasn't discovered foreign metal on Mars, there have been no major postal strikes in the UK, and the water charges debacle has not brought down the Government.

The two remaining predictions were his most specific - there would be a major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico before Christmas, and Ireland would have a white Christmas, with its heaviest snowfall ever. Which, by my reckoning, gives Keith a mark of zero out of eight.

Perhaps we should stop there, and simply reflect on the fact that on his website, Keith predicts that he'll be touring some time in late 2015.

My advice? Check with the papers on that front - I'm not sure I'd take his word for it any more ...