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Kathryn goes off message on The Voice

CCommenting on the departure of Dolores O'Riordan from the Voice Of Ireland, host Kathryn Thomas has suggested a couple of replacements.
On the one hand, she would welcome Una Healy - "she's an unbelievable singer, and beautiful to look at too", says Kathryn, while also being a fan of Sinead O'Connor - "if you're looking for someone quirky and different, Sinead would be a great replacement".
 Perhaps someone should hand Kathryn the much-publicised press release about the Voice of Ireland being a serious music show that eschews the judge-centered publicity of shows like the X Factor, and is instead all about the contestants' talent, and nothing to do with image or manufactured drama. Because she seems to have lost it.

GGeorgia Salpa has hit back at internet trolls, who mocked a pair of trousers she was wearing, suggesting that they came from a store in Dublin's north inner city. Georgia pointed out they were Emilio Pucci, and one can understand her frustration at having to defend her dress sense to those whose idea of fun is to mock others on social media.
 That said, this was not a paparazzi shot of a celebrity minding her own business. It was Georgia herself who put up the photograph in the first place, inviting her followers to comment on it, so it would seem there's a very simple lesson here. If you don't want the slagging, don't post the photos.