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Kathryn gives mother of all replies

One of the occupational hazards of being a female TV presenter is having to deal with constant questioning as to your motherhood status.

Because the media need only the slightest excuse - being in a relationship, or turning 30, for example - to quiz a woman with that most favoured of topics. When are you planning to have children?

So it is particularly brave of Kathryn Thomas who, at 35 years of age, is more accustomed than most to be grilled thus, to address the issue raised by the revelation that Google and Facebook have offered inducements to their female staff to freeze their eggs, so that they can advance their careers before committing themselve s to motherhood.


"I think it's fantastic that Facebook would give a woman the chance to have this back up and freeze her eggs," she said. "It would be amazing if Irish employers like RTE did this!"

It's a remarkably honest admission, and also a particularly patient and tolerant answer from someone who, deep down, is probably a bit weary of being asked this every time she gives an interview. All of which prompts the following thought.

As well as offering the opportunity for women to freeze their eggs, would it not also be useful to put a freeze on all journalists asking TV presenters or newly-wed models about their baby plans, at least until they turned 35?