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Karma can be a tough mistress, Hef


Kate Moss.

Kate Moss.

Kate Moss.

Playboy Enterprises is suing an Irish website, entertainment.ie, which a year ago published a link to photographs of Kate Moss' naked photoshoot with Playboy magazine a week before the photos appeared in the mag.

It's a classic David and Goliath story. While not wishing to condone breach of copyright, the story has echoes of a similar case a few years ago, when Tiger Woods sued The Dubliner magazine after the latter jokingly published fake topless shots of Tiger's wife, with Tiger winning a six figure sum in damages.

It is worth remembering, however, that karma is an unforgiving mistress and, a couple of years after winning his case, Tiger Woods was exposed as a serial adulterer, which resulted in the breakup of his marriage, the loss of several sponsorship contracts and a loss of form on the golf course, something from which he has never truly recovered.

So Playboy might be best advised to reconsider whether it is worth going all the way with this case, lest an equivalent dose of bad luck befalls them.

After all, wouldn't it be tragic if the organisation's boss, Hugh Hefner, was subsequently exposed as being a sad, dressing-gown wearing, sex-fixated octogenarian with a predilection for women young enough to be his grand-daughters?

Oh, hang on...