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Just what did happen to Maddie?

THE disappearance of four-year-old Madeleine McCann continues to grip the public, even five years later. Gerry and Kate McCann's torture in not knowing what happened to their beautiful little daughter is something that most people can empathise with, even if they are not parents themselves.

The couple can never rest until they find Madeleine, or until it is proved beyond doubt that she is dead.

New opportunities in the case, identified by Scotland Yard detectives, must be pursued, despite the difficulty of following leads five years after the event.

The detectives say they are equally open to the possibility that she is still alive, or that she has been murdered.

Either way, it is vital that every missed opportunity be followed to the bitter end on the off chance that one or several of these leads will bring an answer.

Hopefully the Portuguese authorities will understand this need and agreed to reopen the case to consider all missed possibilities.