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Just because I hate this ad doesn't make me a femi-nazi

A storm in a D cup, two good reasons to buy Hunky Dorys and of course the ad knockers should realise that sex sells. We've heard all the puns and they don't make this story funnier. The controversy over the latest Hunky Dorys ads doesn't prove that sex sells; it proves that controversy and reaction pieces, like this one, sell. Sales of the crisps went up 17pc after the last controversy.

And no, those of us who don't like them aren't overly PC, bitter, outraged, ugly, joyless femi-nazis. It's just that we'd like something a smidge more intelligent. And no, we don't want to see naked men selling us products and have no expectations a man should have a six pack, either.


These ads are hyper sexualised. Research has found that women exposed to sexist ads judged their body size as larger and revealed a larger discrepancy between their actual and ideal body sizes.

The Rape Crisis Network of Ireland has said that previous posters from the same company add to attitudes and behaviours that make Ireland a place where the casual and everyday sexual assault of women is permitted and unchallenged.

Personally, I'm listening to a group whose motivation is protecting women as opposed to a company whose motivation is to protect their profits.

Never mind the fact that if you regularly ate crisps that have been deep fried and processed, you wouldn't come within a donkey's roar of looking like these gals. Try fat and spotty for size.