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Jailed Perrin has got her just desserts

FORMER JUDGE Heather Perrin deserved to be jailed. The public can be satisfied that justice was done by way of the two-and-a-half-year sentence handed down to her yesterday.

Some may have regarded the tariff as unduly harsh, given Perrin's ill health. But such sentiments are misplaced. The breach of trust witnessed in this case was such that a jail sentence was the only appropriate outcome.

Perrin's attempted act of deception, which would have cost an innocent friend €500,000, was a shocking abuse of the client-solicitor relationship.

The fact that the victim in this case was a lifelong friend further compounded the offence.

To make matters even worse, Perrin attempted to deceive her friend just weeks before she was appointed to sit in judgment on others in a role as District Court judge.

Justice had to be done, and had to be seen to be done in this case.