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Jack and Jill deserve €70k from Shatter

Alan Shatter was never the most popular member of the Government, but the decision to donate his €70,000 golden handshake to the Jack and Jill Foundation was a class act.

The foundation does crucial work for children with neurological conditions and also provides end-of-life care for brave youngsters.

Indeed, it is a disgrace that such an institution does not receive full support from the State and is reliant on charitable donations.

Had the former minister retained his severance entitlement, it would have been worth €34,000 after tax.

By donating it to the foundation, it has become worth €50,000 thanks to tax breaks.

Through Mr Shatter’s donation, Jack and Jill will get the funding from the exchequer which it already deserves.

Undeniably the donation also provided much needed good press for the embattled TD. But, the fact remains that he was entitled to the money and didn’t have to donate it.

A tip of the hat to him.