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It's time to look for new idols, Shahira

My favourite half-Bangladeshi Irish model, Shahira Barry, continues to make waves in the US, having spent quality time with rap superstar Snoop Dogg in LA last week.

Already close pals with Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, Shahira (left) posted a photo of herself and Snoop hanging out. But while the Galway beauty has no qualms about posing nude for Playboy, she did refuse to indulge in Snoop's trademark pleasure.

"It's Snoop Dogg," explained Shahira. "So he started smoking a joint and then passed me it. I told him I don't smoke which I feel no one has ever said to him before, because most people say even if they don't smoke they would smoke with Snoop just to say they did it."


Shahira was delighted to have met people that she has looked up to since her youth, and while her admiration for Hef is well-known, she revealed a similar affection for Snoop, who she claimed inspired her to follow her dreams after she saw him play in Dublin a few years ago.

"It literally changed my life and encouraged me to pursue my true dream," she explained. "They say don't meet your idols because they'll let you down but that's not the case here."

As her two idols, however, are a porn-pushing, skeletal lothario and a permament stoner. Shahira's problem, I would suggest, is not meeting her idols. It's choosing her idols.