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It's time RTE revealed true costs

In 2013, RTE spent €287k ferrying guests to and from its studios, which equates to an incredible €800 a day.

This figure is important because RTE recently released the programme costs for their main shows, with the expenditure on guests for the Late Late being an average of €2,600 per show, and the Saturday Night Show being €3,700.

By chat show standards, these are relatively small amounts, and one should congratulate RTE on keeping costs down in this manner.

But if these figures do not include the cost of flying in and accommodating their guests, then the actual figures could quite easily double. The Saturday Night show, for example, spent €500 on a return taxi trip for Michael Healy-Rae in 2013.

RTE, of course, could clear up this confusion by revealing whether travel and accommodation costs are included in the figures they released.

But guess what - they have refused to do so...