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'It was a bitter blow to us all at Moore St'


Sean MacDermott

Sean MacDermott

Sean MacDermott

VOLUNTEERS who were present at Moore Street on the day of the surrender gave the following accounts to the Bureau of Military History.

Sean MacDermott came in and said the game was up and the soldiers were going wild and killing civilians in all directions and, as a result, we would have to surrender
- Joseph O'Rourke

I said to [MacDermott]: 'Is this what we were brought out for? To go into English dungeons for the rest of our lives?' Sean immediately waved a piece of paper which he held in his hand, and said: 'No, we are surrendering as prisoners of war'
- Oscar Traynor

When I awoke [on Saturday] the Rising was over and I hadn't fired a shot - John McGallogly To say that I was glad and thankful to God would be putting it mildly
- Frank Burke

All the men who were capable of thought and not dazed from want of sleep and fatigue were very downhearted
- Arthur Agnew

It was a bitter blow to us all at Moore Street. We were so confident that at least the fight could have lasted a while longer...when we did finally reach the street it was then we realised the result and cause of the words of PH Pearse and Sean MacDermott to surrender, for all about the street were the bodies of the poor people who had left their houses willingly to help us and Ireland, in my opinion
- Thomas Leahy