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Is this the first memoir of many, Sinead?

TThere is, of course, one thing conspicuous by its absence from Roy Keane's latest tome. So how good it is of Sinead O'Connor to step into the breach, and promise to make up for this deficiency. Because in announcing the publication of her autobiography, Sinead has declared that "I look forward to dishing the sexual dirt on everyone I've ever slept with". On the basis that Sinead has four children by four different fathers, has been married to three further men, and regularly ponders on the subject of sex on her website, one can only presume the following. It's the first volume of many...

YYou couldn't make it up. UK pub chain JD Wetherspoon have just announced that it will offer drink at a fraction of the cost of other Irish pubs, with pints starting at €2.50. This comes as a centre which deals with addiction problems, Aiseirí, reported a 70pc increase in admissions of young people suffering from alcohol-related problems. And, as everyone knows, the availability of cheap booze is a major factor in problems with that age group. So what did one tabloid red top do yesterday? It ran a story promoting Wetherspoon's cut-price drink, with photos of three people happily knocking back pints. Two of the people in question were aged 22, the other was 23. The DrinkAware campaign asks people to drink responsibly. It is too much to ask the press to report on it responsibly as well?