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Is Miriam out of the top 10?

DDismissing the popular perception that RTE pay their presenters over the odds, the MD of RTE Radio claimed that six of the top 10 paid radio broadcasters were not employed by RTÉ. It's an intriguing titbit which left us to guess who those four RTE presenters were and, in applying a best guess model, the would seem to be Marian Finucane, Joe Duffy, Derek Mooney and Colm Hayes. What this means is that, not for the first time, RTE are being slightly disingenuous when it comes to salaries, as he conveniently omits two of the stalwarts of Irish radio, Ryan Tubridy and Miriam O'Callaghan, presumably on the basis that because they are also on TV, they are not "radio presenters" per se...

IIt is with some sadness that I read about Ryanair's new headquarters, on which they have splashed out €5m to indulge their workers with treats such as pool tables, computer games, and even a slide. And as their piece de resistance, they have commissioned a replica of a jet engine for their boardroom. If this all sounds a bit familiar, it is because, of course, Google have been doing this for years and, coming on the back of Ryanair's latest announcements about transatlantic routes, business class seats and various improvements which have always been available in other airlines, it is reflective of a sad new reality about Ryanair. They used to lead. Now they're just happy to follow.