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Innocents in the firing line again

The depths that gangland criminals stoop to has been reinforced yet again in the public conscience.

Murdered crimelord Eamon 'The Don' Dunne desperately tried to save his own life by cowering behind a bar worker.

The inquest into Dunne's death in a Dublin pub in 2010 heard evidence that accountancy student Geng Tian could easily have been the victim.

Dunne grabbed the Chinese bar worker and tried to hide behind him before he was shot eight times.

Geng escaped, but on other occasions innocent people have been tragically killed when they were caught up in middle of feuding thugs.

While gangland attacks target criminals and rivals, quite often it is the innocent bystanders who suffer the most - Anthony Campbell, Donna Cleary and Shane Geoghegan to name a few.

Should the current rate of gun crime continue, it is only a matter of time before more names are added to the innocents' list.