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Innocent boy trapped in web of fear

The week got off to a shocking start with the double murder of the Corbally brothers in broad daylight. Sadly, we have become somewhat desensitised to this kind of crime.

But who could remain unmoved at the knowledge that a 14-year-old boy was innocently caught in the double murder? He had taken a lift from the two brothers a short time before the shooting. As the boy is a witness to the cold-blooded killings, his family rightly fear the perpetrators could target him. Today he remains under armed guard in hospital.

When an innocent schoolboy becomes the target of ruthless criminals then our leaders have to stand up and realise there is something rotten in society.

This week, one family lost two brothers in the space of a few seconds and another was plunged into a state of fear.

It is beyond time that the criminals responsible should be put in fear of the consequences of their actions.