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I'm seeing red as Ogle reveals his true colours

What a week it's been. It was hard to know when to stop cheering at the newspapers what with Fianna Fail tearing each other to pieces like starving wild dogs ahead of what's sure to be an unmissable TV3 documentary series on Monday.

On top of admitting that they're now so reviled that it would be futile to put forward a candidate for the forthcoming Presidential election, we had the increasingly deluded Bertie Ahern still claiming that he didn't do anything wrong, while Micheal Martin effectively threw the former Taoiseach overboard as he tried to write Ahern out of FF history.

Great fun altogether but a mere trifle compared to the storm of excrement which gathered around ESB union chief Brendan Ogle.

It emerged that, a couple of months ago, Ogle gave a speech to members of Eirigi in which he castigated his members as being 'spoilt' and made disparaging references to ESB workers having 'great jobs' and sending their children to private schools, having two or three cars and buying apartments in Bulgaria during the boom.


Good man Brendan, spoken like a true Trot and guaranteed to stick it to the man. Of course, the fact that Ogle's hefty salary is paid for by the ESB (information he was initially reluctant to divulge) who recently imposed a price increase on consumers is neither here nor there in this man's mindset.

A self-confessed admirer of Castro, it was always going to be impossible for Ogle to resist grandstanding in front of a renegade Republican rabble, and he showed himself up for the blustering fool he always was.

Like some pathetic modern version of Wolfie Smith, Ogle is a glaring example of why trade union leaders of his type are outdated and have, to all intents and purposes, killed off the movement they're supposed to espouse.

The contempt Ogle showed towards the people under his stewardship was little short of despicable but it at least gave those employed by the ESB a chance to see this man's true colours. And they weren't pretty.