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I'm ready to go to war over proposed property tax bid

Everyone has a limit. There is a point each of us reaches where we say enough is enough.

Some are more tolerant than others, but push even the most chilled-out individual to their breaking point and they'll snap.

For me, the property tax has hit that special nerve that tells me my tolerance is being tested.

You see, for people like me -- the thirtysomethings who bought in the boom -- property is a very touchy subject.

We owe stacks of money to the bank, we are in negative equity, we handed over thousands in stamp duty and now the taxman wants more?

This is the straw that will break the camel's back.


We have come through the shock and awe period and most of us now understand that we all have to pitch in to keep the country afloat, but what is astonishing is that the bright sparks haven't realised just how touchy we are about our homes.

What does the tax proposition say? It screams 'Money For Developers Needed: Dig Deep And Give What You Can!' Using property as a basis for taxation also reminds us that the banks have been swallowing up money for the past two years and this hefty tax on homes will be poured into the hole their carelessness left behind.

If the concept is wrong and the connotation is sickening, then the amounts that have been mooted by the Government are downright terrifying.

As with all bad news, the aim will be to scare the living daylights out of us and then gradually reduce the figure until it gets to Budget time and we feel that we have been done a great favour by Brian Lenihan because he will only be charging half of the three grand we were threatened with.

A survey last week revealed that householders say they would not be able to cope if faced with paying €3,000 a year.

People who are under pressure because of reduced salaries, working hours and job losses are genuinely afraid that they will not be able to carry on putting food on the table if their costs are increased again.

Who is listening to their fears? Not the bright spark who woke up with this mad property tax idea that's for sure.

The Government must know at this stage that we are a fairly placid nation; we haven't lost the head and trashed the place because we have to pay for the mistakes of the few. We didn't storm the Dail after the last Budget or the emergency one before and demand that they all get the hell out.

But this insensitive, arbitrary proposal might just be the one that lights the kindling and ignites flames of indignation.


My generation has done its bit; we have handed over extra taxes, seen public services reduced and borne the brunt of job losses, but this cynical attempt to bleed us dry will not be accepted. Our mortgages are high and our taxes are keeping them afloat. Do not come knocking for more money on an asset that we have paid dearly for -- and in some cases, paid stamp duty on. It really will push us over the edge.