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If you now 'get' feminism Taylor, you've a strange way of showing it


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift must have been born without irony. She chose recently to do a big interview, during which she discussed her views on misogyny and feminism.

She told the interviewer that as a younger woman she didn't really understand the relevance of feminism, but that now she understands that feminism is one of the most important movements you can embrace because it is essentially "about equality".

She added that she didn't like double standards in "how things were perceived", and "double standards in headlines". All of which is laudable. Praiseworthy. Tremendous. The ironic issue is she gave this interview to Maxim Magazine.

Maxim, if you are unfamiliar, is aimed at young men. In it, the text serves only to fill the bits between the pictures of half naked famous women. It's Playboy with underpants and lower quality writing.


This is where Taylor Swift (left) agreed to appear and expound on her theories on modern feminism? Is she hoping that staring at breasts will make the readers more open to discussing women's role in society?

Don't give me the 'she has to do that if she is going to sell records' guff. The singer Sia disproves that argument comprehensively - she's so allergic to the thought of fame and her privacy being invaded that she doesn't even show her face, never mind her bottom or breasts.

Sia instead performs behind a face-wig that makes her look like she's glued Dougal the dog from The Magic Roundabout to her forehead. Yet, she's scoring hit after hit.

So maybe feminists like Taylor Swift need to follow Sia's example and prove that it's possible to be a huge international success without parading your body for the entertainment of your fans (or the readers of Maxim).