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If Sharon's changed her mind about leaving RTE, why won't she tell us?


Sharon Ni Bheolain

Sharon Ni Bheolain

Sharon Ni Bheolain

While RTE continue to play dumb in relation to the future of Brendan O'Connor they have come out with far greater certainty on the subject of news anchor Sharon Ni Bheolain.

It's ironic. While Brendan has no desire to leave RTE, the station refuses to confirm that he isn't doing so, but with someone who has declared her plans to leave, they are happy to contradict those exact words.

Back in November 2013, Sharon came out with the following statement, in an interview with the RTE Guide. "It's been a very enjoyable experience, but I'm ready for something new."

More pertinently, when pressed about what she meant, she said that she was planning a career in "advocacy".

But referring to this interview last week, a spokesperson for RTE said: "In regards to what she meant, I'm afraid it's not my place to interpret Sharon's words directly.


"It is worth noting that many of our news presenters and reporters take on other projects as well as their current roles."

Now correct if me I'm wrong, but this is quite clear cut. Sharon was considering leaving RTE.

There is no need to "interpret Sharon's words" and, obviously, if she were pursuing a new career, it would necessitate her giving up TV presenting altogether.

As a daily reader of an autocue on the Six One news, Sharon is of course used to having words put into her mouth by RTE staff.

Perhaps, away from the cameras, she is happy for her bosses to do exactly the same thing.

All of this does, however, beg one simple question. If Sharon has changed her mind about leaving the RTE newsroom, why doesn't she just come out and say so herself?