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If looks could kill Michael ...


Michael Lowry

Michael Lowry

Michael Lowry

IIt's good to see that old-school machismo isn't confined to the restaurant trade, with the news of an attempted intervention this week by that most appalling of gombeen politicians, Michael Lowry.

Michael, no doubt considering Enda Kenny's attempt to increase the number of female deputies in his party to be simply a ruse to have a bit of eye candy dotted around the Dail, tried to get a friend a job on the National Transport Agency by slipping the Taoiseach a note, containing the following words: "Taoiseach, would you please consider re-appointing Valerie O'Reilly to the board of the NTA. A woman, bright, intelligent and not bad looking either!"

Put it away, Michael. It's old, wrinkly, and nowhere near as powerful as it once was. Come to think of it, a bit like yourself.

IIn Liam Neeson-related news comes the announcement that the Ballymena Bombshell is the top action movie star in the world, with all his movies from 2014 raking in nearly $1bn at the box office.

The oeuvre that has helped propel him to these heights include The Lego Movie, Non Stop, A Million Ways to Die in the West and Nut Job.

There is, of course, one tiny question left unanswered by these bald figures, and it's the following.

For such a talented actor, why he is appearing in such unutterable sh**e?