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Ian Mallon: We need to stop these drug zombies before our city turns into The Wire

EVERY day hundreds of junkies arrive in Dublin city centre, turning our once-proud and great north inner city into a menacing Zombieland.

The results of such a daily onslaught are stark, with muggings up 300pc and the rate of assaults and public disorder on the rise.

In effect we are alienating the honest and decent members of society in the city centre's thoroughfares to accommodate the "Living Dead" as they arrive in swarms for their daily fix.


You can see it if you stand on Talbot Street and watch wave after wave of spaced out heroin addicts weave through the city centre.

If the weather is good, Heaven help us. Like wasps they descend even earlier in the day and angrier than before, still smacked out of it from the previous night.

I often wonder what tourists to our city make of all this. Certainly, I have never seen the likes of it in the centre of any tourist destination I've visited. And remember Dublin sells itself as a holiday destination.

The blame for the congregation of so many addicts are the methadone clinics peppered arond central Dublin.


One man who appears determined to tackle the problem is Lord Mayor Gerry Breen.

"As a city centre, we have a problem," warns Mayor Breen.

"There are parts of the northside that are very hard to walk without encountering people with a drug problem or begging."

So why do we allow it to happen?

Why do we listen to the 'right-on' liberals who shriek in the most one-eyed terms about "society's most vulnerable and alienated"?


Well, at last our city has a mayor who has the balls to stand up to these people, on behalf of you, the citizen.

Of course the politically correct won't be happy until we're like Baltimore, Maryland, infamous for its spiralling drug problems thanks to HBO's brilliant TV series, The Wire.

The most accurate statistics available from Baltimore shows that a staggering 60,000 junkies are in its city centre at any given time.

Like anything that the HSE runs, the location of the methadone clinics is a disgrace. They are seriously affecting business and tourism.

Why can't local pharmacies or mobile clinics hand out the methadone and give the city centre back to the citizens and the tourists who visit our city.

Is this something that we really want here?