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I prefer royal baby watch from Monaco

ISynchronise your watches; royal baby number two is coming in April. Mind you, what's going on in Monaco, where Princess Charlene is pregnant with twins, is far more interesting. There's supposed to be an announcement about the order of succession issue pretty soon. If the two children are boys, the first one born would be the heir. But what happens if they're born via C-section? The doctor is essentially choosing the Crown Prince!

PAnother week, another female celebrity getting lashed by the public for her appearance. This week Renee Zellweger (right) appeared on the red carpet looking different. There was so much outcry she felt the need to issue a statement. But so what if she's had plastic surgery or fillers or botox? She's living in a world that has scrutinised her endlessly and perhaps she did succumb to cosmetic surgery. Women are deemed either too fat, too thin, or had too much work. It's like a collective obsession with appearance. Leave her alone. Let's start talking about her work rather than her appearance.

ISo Enda Kenny is back on Twitter. Talking about the "little things". Frankly we'd like him to talk about the big things such as Irish Water and decimated pay packets. Might be worth reminding him too of the power of Twitter. When Fine Gael TD Simon Coveney tweeted the now infamous "sounded between drunk and hungover" tweet in relation to Taoiseach Brian Cowen's performance on Morning Ireland. The 'performance' went global within hours.