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I can't imagine what it feels like to owe €420m

I I wonder what it is like to owe €420m? That's a million euro - 420 times! And that's how much Harry Crosbie and his related companies owe NAMA. Crosbie is the man who transformed Dublin, brought us the The Point and then other developments in the Celtic Tiger years, like the Bord Gais Theatre. I saw him several months ago, walking slowly by the Marker Bar, as I was sipping on a cheeky G&T there. Walking on his turf, in a place that he built. And he looked downbeat, sad. He walked very slowly, keeping his eyes to the pavement. It must be hell when you owe that amount, especially when you see every else around you enjoying what you created.

k I always knew Judy Murray was made for more than sitting and staring, glaring and punching the air. For years, we knew her as the steely tennis mom of Centre Court star Andy. It looked like she could kill her son's opponent with a glance - and probably frightened the hell out of her child. So it's no surprise that she is one of the contestants on Strictly Come Dancing. Interesting choice, and I wonder will the judges be frightened into letting her win!

dIce bucket challenges? They are boring and stupid and another one of these social media crazes that people think are amusing. I suppose I don't have to watch them. And I don't. I saw one and that was enough.